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Regulatory Reconnaissance

Regulatory reconnaissance is an initial consideration of the federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, regulations, and statutes that may be applicable to a project. Point Impact Analysis can help you determine which agencies have jurisdiction over your site resources and identify the type of studies and review procedures that your project would need. This reconnaissance enables a project to evaluate the regulatory effect of different development options.

Example Project: Vulcan Power Company (Vulcan) Geothermal Lease Development

Our Role: Point Impact Analysis provided Vulcan with a comprehensive plan for permitting requirements for four geothermal projects on its leases in Churchill, Lyon, Mineral, and Pershing counties in Nevada. Vulcan has holds geothermal leases on prospects throughout the western United States including lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Reclamation, and the U.S. Forest Service. The initial regulatory reconnaissance identified the federal, state, and local permits and approvals required for the proposed projects, the data required to obtain these approvals, and the estimated time and costs for preparing the applications and obtaining the approvals. The regulatory reconnaissance assisted in the initial planning of the project and in the due diligence required for the financing of the exploratory development phase of the projects.

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