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Siting Studies

Siting studies assist or refine the site selection process by identifying key environmental issues that constrain or increase the costs of review and development. For projects in later stages of development, we develop integrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and data files that are used to identify constraints, hazards, or benefits of a particular location. Point Impact Analysis uses appropriate experts and core staff to establish the key features that shape the development of a project.

Siting studies often include analyses of visual impact. These images show an existing view compared to a simulated view including a proposed transmission line project.

Example Project: Cogeneration and greenhouse facility on the Crow Reservation in Montana, and others planned by F. Neil Smith Associates (FNSA) on the Fort Peck (Sioux and Assinibione) and Slivovitz reservations.

Our Role: Point Impact Analysis assisted in the siting studies for energy projects on tribal lands by identifying air, water, and land use permitting requirements, coordination of tribal access for field studies, and reviewing the laws and regulations concerning tribal land.

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